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Dr Nicolas Duran awarded funding by UCL’s Knowledge Exchange

31 January 2023

UCL’s Knowledge Exchange awards funding to Dr Nicolas Duran for undertaking a policy placement at DCMS.

Nicolas Duran

Dr Nicolas Duran, a Lecturer of Real Estate Economics at The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction has received funding from UCL’s Knowledge Exchange and Innovaion for undertaking a policy placement at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).  

The aim of the placement was to systematize the evidence on how fiscal incentives can improve, repair and maintain rates for the heritage sector. Ultimately, it was to inform the Treasury about fiscal policies that work efficiently for enhancing maintenance conditions in the heritage built environment with huge impacts implied on the net zero agenda.   

The Knowledge Exchange (KE) funding connects researchers with communities beyond the university to exchange ideas, evidence and expertise. It emphasises a two-way exchange of learning and helps researchers use their knowledge to benefit society and the economy, bringing what they have learned back into the university.

Dr Duran said: “I believe academics should engage with policy makers to foster policy design based on academic evidence. In this specific placement, I have the chance to steer the design of a fiscal policy that could heavily impact the overall maintenance of the heritage built environment. This will not only have a significant impact on how we enjoy our cultural heritage, but will also significantly help in achieving the net zero agenda set by the Government.”