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UCL releases a carbon footprint calculator for transparent travel to COP27

17 October 2022

Prof. Priti Parikh, with an interdisciplinary team of experts at UCL, has recently released a carbon footprint calculator for transparent travel to COP27. This project shines a spotlight on the climate impact of travel to COP27 with a focus on climate justice.


The carbon footprint calculator can be used by participants travelling from the UK to COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh this November. Users are encouraged to consider numerous options for travel – including attending virtually – and how offsetting their journey could promote climate justice in the Global South. Users are linked to the Gold Standard, which appraises carbon offsetting projects with regard to their benefits in the context of climate justice, such as in health, education, infrastructure, food and water security, energy, and environment. The toolkit can be accessed here.


Using Sharm El-Sheikh and last year’s COP26 in Glasgow as case studies, the tool demonstrates the well-known carbon-efficiency of rail and coach over flights. However, the results also show that efficient travel to Egypt will be more challenging than last year due to limitations in geography and infrastructure.

This project is funded by UCL Grand Challenges.

Prof. Priti Parikh said: “Special thanks to Jonnie Barnsley who is the lead author for our outputs, to co-leader Mark Maslin and colleagues from across UCL faculties including Jhénelle WilliamsSimon Chin-YeeJacqueline McGladeRichard TaylorMatthew Winning, and Professor Anthony Costello.”

Read the publication which explains the assumptions underlying the toolkit here.