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PhD Student Jessy Gomes Moreira wins Women in Construction and Engineering Award

24 May 2021

Congratulations to Jessy Gomes who has won The Best Woman in Health and Safety Category in the Women In Construction & Engineering Awards.

Jessy Gomes Moreira

Women represent only 11% of the construction workforce in the UK and most of these jobs are office based and only 2% work in manual jobs. Women in engineering are also underrepresented with only 9% of UK engineering professionals being women. 

The aim of the awards is to make these industries more enticing to women. To create role models for women considering a career in these sectors, while encouraging companies to employ and train more women in these industries.

This is a true testament to the hard work Jessy constantly puts towards pushing for equity in the sector, but also shaping new boundaries for the occupational health and safety profession.

Jessy commented:

“We have to stop romanticizing this industry and start honest and uncomfortable discussions such as gender, maternity bias and mental health. My pledge to everyone is to inspire an increase in visibility for any under-represented groups at leadership levels, attract and retain women and the younger generation. The construction and engineering sectors have complex structures, and my vision is to draw a better holistic approach to drive occupational health, safety and wellbeing system improvements.”


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