The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


The Salon: Real Estate Leadership Circle

17 March 2020

The Salon is an interactive event series, comprising collaborative conversations, workshops and roundtables in an exclusive environment.

BREI The Salon

The theme of the day was the Real Estate Leadership Circle, designed together with renowned academics and hosted in partnership with leading organisations and business communities, with the collective purpose of stimulating local innovation and collaboration for global outperformance.

Yolande’s move from the commercial world of real estate to academia has afforded her the freedom to think both long-term (this century) and globally. She has witnessed big shifts in the last decades, from local, sectoral activity to global trends, facilitated by the death of inflation and lower interest rates.

“You cannot disintegrate the environmental, from the social from the economic – that’s the true meaning of sustainability…

There’s much more holistic understanding of sustainability and real estate, and it’s absolutely essential to thrive in the 21st century”

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