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Skills Shortage in Construction: building the future post-Brexit | 5 October 2017

23 May 2017

In collaboration with History & Policy, on 5 October 2017 the School of Construction and Project Management will host a one day conference on skills shortage in the construction industry.

Skills shortage in construction post-Brexit

The current shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry poses a significant risk to the delivery of planned major construction projects. With housing shortages agreed as a priority across the political spectrum, the government is committed to a substantial expansion of the number of houses built. The government is also committed to a massive and permanent reduction in immigration in the light of the EU referendum result, further reducing the number of skilled workers available to the UK construction industry.

The Skills Shortage in Construction conference will seek to place the current situation in its historical context, taking into account the way in which the industry has been organised since the second world war, the respective roles of capital labour and the state and the challenges posed by Brexit.

This conference will explore how we have reached the present position, challenges for the future, and how the skills shortage can be addressed. With key industry and government representatives in attendance, panel discussions will include:

  • the impact of Brexit
  • automation, innovation and building information modelling 
  • the Union perspective
  • construction history
  • mega projects
  • training

Planned outcomes of the conference will include the publication of a journal special issue featuring presented papers.

For more information and registration enquiries, please contact bscpm.comms@ucl.ac.uk.

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