The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


School of Construction and Project Management academics win UCL Grand Challenges grant

2 December 2015

London (by Edward Cooke)

A research team led by Hedley Smyth, Professor in Project Enterprises at The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, has been awarded a UCL Grand Challenges grant to host a collaborative science and technology workshop with the French Embassy.

The workshop will explore the management of technology and innovation in complex projects and megaprojects, and will bring together academics from UCL and SKEMA Business School with the aim to develop the research, research-led teaching and practice in this area.

The initiative was set up as a five-year partnership between UCL and the French Embassy, to encourage and fund collaborative workshops with a science or technology focus, and to build on links between UCL and French academic and research organisations. The initiative has already resulted in awards for workshops on the seismic fragility of urban buildings, quantum technologies, and the chemical origins of life.

For more information on the initiative visit UCL Grand Challenges.