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Project success in the broadcasting and media industries

28 April 2015


What are some of the conditions for project success in the media and broadcasting industry? This is the question that Dr Efrosyni Konstantinou and Ben Brownlee have sought to answer in the last year.

This enquiry reflects part of a wider research project exploring project success and professionalism in the media and broadcasting industries. During this project interviews were conducted with project sponsors, directors and senior managers who have been involved in the delivery of some the largest major events, programmes and infrastructure projects in the sector.

Dr Efrosyni Konstantinou, Programme Director for the MSc in Strategic Management of Projects at UCL, and Ben Brownlee, Programme Assurance Director at BBC, have been collaborating for the last 2 years in the context of the MSc in Strategic Management of Projects.

“Ben’s teaching in the class clearly highlighted the need to explore projects and programmes in the creative industries, so we decided to build a research project together that would help us understand the challenges that programme and project directors and sponsors face. We believe that a stronger relationship between the academia and the industry lies at the heart of rigorous research and improved, impactful practice”, said Dr Efrosyni Konstantinou.

Some of the findings of this research will be published in Project Magazine, the official magazine for the Association for Project Management (APM). The article is targeted at a practitioner audience and reflects the overall theme of an APM report on the Conditions for Project Success which was launched at the annual APM conference recently.