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Prof Baddeley on the GO-Science Expert Panel for the Blackett Review of Financial Technology Futures

6 April 2015


Professor Michelle Baddeley was recently part of a Government Office for Science (GO-Science) expert panel, led by the Government Chief Scientific Advisor - Sir Mark Walport - contributing to a ‘Blackett Review’ for Financial Technology (FinTech) Futures.

The FinTech sector - the part of the economic industry that engages with new technology, innovation and business models to make finance systems more efficient - is a young and developing sector and the UK is currently working to cement its world-leading position. 

The report intends to provide the foundation to support the growth towards 2025, building on the current work of the Chancellor and HM Treasury and providing a long-term vision for the UK FinTech sector. 

Download the report at the GO-Science website.