The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Finding a way to an integrated industry

5 February 2014


Dr Aeli Roberts, programme director for BSc Project Management for Construction, joined Construction Manager and Ryder Architecture’s industry panel to discuss a proposed new degree which could integrate different built environment professions and better equip students for work in the real, BIM-based world.

The proposed four year undergraduate degree in the Built Environment - offered as an alternative to traditional courses rather than a replacement - would have six components covering architecture, environmental science and engineering, structural and civil engineering, construction, economics and property management. The undergraduate course would be followed by a masters degree in a specialised subject.

The case for change, according to Construction Manager, is that ‘the industry can’t break down barriers between different professional and contractually-defined groups without an influx of individuals who genuinely think, act and behave collaboratively’.

Although the degree has the potential to give students a common knowledge of disciplines such as design, planning, sustainability, and cost appraisal, there are still doubts that such a radical reappraisal is needed. Dr Aeli Roberts emphasised that institutions are already addressing the needs of the industry stating, ‘We are introducing a module with BIM and post occupancy and trying to make the students aware the FM side is really important. Maybe the industry should be jumping up and down and saying look, we do good things, and learn from them rather than ‘let’s start all over again and reinvent’.

To read or comment on the full article visit: http://www.construction-manager.co.uk/agenda/has-group-found-way-forward-integrated-industry/