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CPM academic wins EPSRC funding for research into deception

4 November 2013


Professor Michelle Baddeley and an interdisciplinary team of researchers from UCL, University of Cambridge, University of Portsmouth and Newcastle University have secured a £1.2m grant from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) to carry out breakthrough research into online deception.

The Project, ‘The Deterrence of Deception in Socio-Technical Systems’, is led by Professor Ross Anderson (Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge) and is based on the idea that we have evolved an ability to deceive ourselves, deceive others, and to detect deception in others. As a significant proportion of people’s business and social lives are conducted online, this affects our vulnerability to online fraud, scams and invasions of privacy.

Professor Baddeley will provide insights from behavioural economics, specifically in areas relating to trust, cooperation, social networks and social capital, and will work with Professor Angela Sasse (Department of Computer Science, UCL) in designing and implementing experiments relating to these themes.

The research will reveal innovative solutions to problems of online privacy and security and promises to enhance our understanding of social, financial and critical infrastructure networks and their interdependencies.

For more details on the project email Professor Michelle Baddeley: m.baddeley@ucl.ac.uk