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Innovation and replication in public organisation

7 May 2013

Stanford University Arches

Prof Andrew Davies recently presented his paper, with Lars Frederiksen and Andreas Hartmann, ‘Innovation and replication in public organisation: the Highways Agencies in England and the Netherlands’ for the Collaboratory on Global Projects (CGP) Seminar Series held at Stanford University.

Global Projects Center (GPC) is an interdisciplinary research center at Stanford University that seeks to facilitate understanding of the financing, developing and governance of strategic assets that underpin dynamism and competitiveness in today's global economy. The GPC conducts interdisciplinary research on the many "projects" to develop these strategic assets and facilitates engagement among academic, governance and industry leaders.

The (CGP) Seminar Series also involved Raymond E. Levitt and W. Richard Scott (the world famous institutional theory scholar) who are authors of 'Global Projects' Cambridge University Press (2011) ISBN-13: 9780 521 181 907.