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Reconstructing Project Management

17 April 2013

Peter Morris Presenting

The latest publication by Professor Peter Morris.

April 2013 will see the publication of Professor Peter Morris’ latest book ‘Reconstructing Project Management’, with Wiley-Blackwell publishing.

This hugely informative and wide-ranging analysis on the management of projects, past, present and future, is written both for practitioners and scholars.

The thesis of the book is that ‘it all depends on how you define the subject’; that much of our present thinking about project management as traditionally defined is something boring, conceptually weak, and of limited application, whereas in reality it can be exciting, challenging and enormously important. The book draws on leading scholarship and case studies to explore this thesis.

This thoughtful commentary on project management as it has developed and has been practiced over the last 60-plus years, and as it may be over the next 20–40, draws on examples from many industry sectors around the world. Written not without a hint of attitude, this is by no means simply another project management textbook.

ISBN 978-0-470-65907-6