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Ignacio Herrero Gandarillas - Study experience in the Major Infrastructure Delivery MBA

Ignacio Herrero Gandarillas, MBA candidate and Technical Principal for Project Management (UK & Europe) at Mott MacDonald, shares his study experience in the Major Infrastructure Delivery MBA.

Nacho - MBA candidate
Why did you choose to study the Major Infrastructure Delivery MBA?
Having worked on several mega projects around the world, including Tideway in London, Crossrail, and the North South Corridor in Singapore, I recognised the need to deepen my strategic understanding and enhance my management skills. This MBA at UCL stood out because it offers a combination of world class academic rigor and practical insights, drawing on cutting-edge research and case studies from global infrastructure projects. This MBA programme seemed perfectly tailored to help me build on my existing experience and to equip me with the right tools and methodologies that I can apply in megaprojects.

Describe how you’ve been able to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve learned on the course to your current role?
As a Technical Principal for Project Management, I have had the opportunity to disseminate the knowledge gained from this MBA across the wider project management community at Mott MacDonald. In my role as a Senior Project Manager, the benefits of the MBA are directly applied in the enhanced management of my projects. The knowledge I have acquired has empowered me to align project objectives with corporate goals more effectively and navigate financial uncertainties, ultimately increasing client confidence.

What aspects of your studies have you enjoyed most, during your time on the MBA?
The opportunity to connect with world leaders in the industry has been a real highlight. Being mentored by experts who have led significant megaprojects across the world provides not only invaluable insights but also inspires a higher level of strategic thinking. It certainly has enhanced my professional outlook and has shaped my approach to project management.

How do you foresee your MBA studies helping you as you move forward in your career?
While it is difficult to predict exactly where my career path will lead, for now, I am focusing on making the most of this incredible opportunity. One of the key lessons I've learned during this MBA is that the opportunities are limitless with the doors that will open as a result of undertaking this truly global programme. Additionally, an essential aspect of the MBA has been its emphasis on diversity and diverse thinking. The MBA brings together professionals from diverse geographical, cultural, and professional backgrounds, creating a rich learning environment. This diversity has greatly enhanced my studies, fostering creativity, innovation, and comprehensive problem-solving skills within our cohort.

What was your experience of the teaching and level of support on this course?
My experience with the teaching and level of support on the MBA at UCL has been exceptionally positive. The content is highly relevant to current challenges and trends in infrastructure delivery. The approach is deeply interactive, fostering a rich learning environment where critical thinking and practical application is always encouraged.
Additionally, having access to industry leaders who have led some of the best projects in the world is invaluable and a real highlight of this MBA. These interactions provide unique insights into the management of major infrastructure projects and exposed me to high-level strategic thinking and problem-solving techniques that are not readily available elsewhere. The opportunity to learn directly from these top professionals greatly enhanced my learning experience, offering real-world perspectives that are critical to my professional development.

What advice would you give to those thinking about studying the Major Infrastructure Delivery MBA at The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction?
If you’re considering studying the Major Infrastructure Delivery MBA at The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, my advice is unequivocally to go for it!! It is truly a life-changing experience. The opportunity to interact with leading professionals and industry leaders throughout the course will provide you with incomparable insights and networking opportunities that can significantly boost your career. You’ll find yourself in a community of peers from diverse backgrounds, all sharing a common goal in the field of infrastructure. The support and inspiration from this network alone can be transformative to your career.