The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Flavio Pinheiro Martins

The Role of Infrastructure in Achieving Universal Health Coverage in Brazilian Communities

School research theme: Engineering for International Development Centre (EFID)
Research supervisors: Professor Priti Parikh and Professor Monica Lakhanpaul
Start date: November 2022

With a background in interdisciplinary studies and sustainability, and as a doctoral candidate at University College London (UCL), my research experience revolves around the intersections of sustainable development, public health, and infrastructure for societal advancement. I have conducted several studies on the linkages between different areas and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which I have continued to explore during my time at UCL and as a member of the Engineering for International Development Centre (EFID) research group.

The primary focus of my PhD research is to investigate the impact of infrastructure on the achievement of Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC) in traditional and vulnerable communities in Brazil. Through this study, my aim is to understand how infrastructure influences the attainment of Universal Health Coverage in these specific Brazilian communities, with the support of the Socio-Ecological Model. By addressing this research question, my intention is to contribute to our understanding of the relationship between infrastructure, healthcare delivery, and health outcomes in vulnerable populations. The insights gained from this study will provide valuable information to guide the development and implementation of targeted interventions, ultimately improving access to healthcare services and working towards the achievement of Universal Healthcare Coverage in traditional Brazilian communities.


Publication highlights

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Other publications

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