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Projectification of engineering systems with Dr Joana Geraldi

03 May 2022, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

joana geraldi

This is the third lecture as part of the Seminar series: Future-proofing engineering systems - theory meets practice.

This event is free.

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Dr Ilias Krystallis

Whether through the delivery of a sewage system or energy distribution system, megaprojects are designed to intervene in engineering systems in a purposeful and deliberate manner. Although they always transform the system, their impact is partly predictable and partly unknowable. While the uncertainty surrounding megaprojects is widely accepted in practice and literature, project achievements are still compared against planned goals, and megaprojects are declared to be over budget, over time, over and over again, Flyvbjerg poignantly insists. Why is it so hard to design, deliver and yield long-term benefits from megaprojects? In the talk, I will provide some potential answers to this question.

The talk is based on a book chapter and Andy Davies and I published in the Springer Handbook on Engineering Systems. Grounding our work in project studies literature, we will discuss four challenges involved in managing megaprojects: 1) delivering purposeful interventions, 2) integrating complex work under high levels of uncertainty, 3) collaborating with friends and foes and 4) innovating and learning under high time and budget constraints. I will conclude the talk with reflections about our choices of projects and how they create the engineering systems we have around us.

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