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Alumni Profile: Anika Rahman

MSc Healthcare Facilities alumna, Anika Rahman, who received the Ann Noble Award for her research during her study, and is now working in redevelopment healthcare planning, talks about the programme.

Anika Rahman

Please tell us a little bit about your career/studies to date 
I am an Architectural Engineer by background and I have completed the MSc in Healthcare Facilities at the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, UCL. I was awarded a distinction and given the distinguished Ann Noble Award for my research dissertation in Healthcare Revolution: the Role of Robotics. I am currently working as a Redevelopment Healthcare Planning Assistant for Imperial College Healthcare Trust. Prior to this position, I worked in primary care settings where I began as a Clinical Coder and then rose to the position of a Project Manager.  

How did you come across MSc Healthcare Facilities and what inspired you to do the course? 
Subsequent to my bachelor’s degree I took a gap year to understand what I wanted to do next. A year later, I attended one of the postgraduate open days at UCL where I came across Lia (Dr Evangelia Chrysikou, MSc Healthcare Facilities Programme Director) presenting and talking about the healthcare facilities course. I attended the workshop and it fascinated me on how architecture could be combined with healthcare. Immediately, I applied for the MSc course and luckily received an unconditional offer.  

What did you find beneficial during the programme? 
I definitely learnt a lot about the built environment as well as the clinical sector. As someone who was already working for the NHS for some time I could see how the British, especially NHS' healthcare premises needed more attention. I have met great people during my study at BSSC, especially Hina (my dissertation supervisor) and Lia who supported me throughout the whole academic year. 

Would you recommend the course to others, can you tell us why? 
I would recommend it to someone who has an architectural background and wants to gain knowledge about healthcare settings. Moreover, UCL tries their best in supporting their students. I needed their support with multiple admin work and I have always been satisfied with their response and help.  

What advice would you give to someone considering doing the course? 
Please talk to the Programme Director or anyone who is representing the MSc course before you apply. Go through the modules taught and apply only if you are interested.  

How has this course contributed to your current role/how does it link to what you would like to do in your future career? 
This course contributed to my career growth as it opened up many opportunities for me. I can use this degree to apply for advanced roles in the future.