The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Advisory Services

The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction Advisory Services offers academic engagement with private, public and non-governmental organisations to deliver impactful, insightful and expert work.


We bring our expertise of world leading research output and teaching capabilities to the problems that organisations face in their role to foster more inclusive societies, greater social value and wellbeing, economic enhancement, reducing the global carbon footprint and the digital revolution. This covers a wide range of areas including urban development, climate change economics, sustainability, real estate economics, construction and infrastructure economics and management, digital transformation, organisational capability, healthcare facilities and wellbeing, innovation and learning environments. We work across the whole asset life cycle from its inception through to decommissioning.

Our Advisory services are international and manifold in nature, in terms of the topics we cover, the sectors and organisations we work with and the services we offer. We work across the globe in advanced, emerging and developing economies taking direction from the UN Sustainable Development Goals as our source of orientation for the types of problems that need specialist academic advice to inform future development plans. Our Advisory services range from but are not limited to: providing specialist expert advice, undertaking exploratory studies, guiding innovation, economic and financial appraisal, leading problem-solving initiatives, market or sector evaluations, project evaluation (before, during and after implementation) and various individual and team assessments. We also design and deliver bespoke executive education and short courses. In addition, we work with other global educational institutions to help design and teach graduate curriculums.

We are able to tailor our services to suit the commercial needs of our clients, working independently or in partnership with other academic institutes, private businesses, government and government agencies, non-governmental organisations and charities.

If you would like further information on our Advisory services, please email us at: bssc.advisory@ucl.ac.uk