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The Bartlett Summer Schools 2024

Our on-campus Summer Schools offer students an immersive and hands-on learning experience, for those looking to understand more about architecture within The Bartlett's campus environment.


The Bartlett's range of Summer Schools offer students who are 18 and under the chance to understand more about architecture within a world-leading institution, with different options for multiple age streams. 

These have been designed specifically for students who are thinking about studying architecture and are looking for an introduction to The Bartlett. Through individual and group exercises, we aim to promote architecture as a fundamentally collaborative practice, introducing students to the wider societal forces that affect our built environment.  

The Bartlett Summer School 2024 – On Campus, 14-16-year-olds 

This introductory Summer School has been designed for younger students who are curious about careers in the built environment and would like to know more about what it is like to study architecture at university. The course will provide 14-16-year-olds with important information about this route to assist with their GCSE and A-level decisions. 

The 1-2-day formats offer an introduction into different methods used by architects, helping students to develop their collaboration skills. 

1 day

Collaborative design exercises focussing on drawing (1) or model-making (2). 

You may choose between these two options for attendance:
1: 05 August   |   2: 07 August 

Fee: £120

2 days

Collaborative design exercises focussing on drawing and model-making. 

You may choose between these two options for attendance:
1: 05–06 August   |   2: 07–08 August 

Fee: £240

The Bartlett Summer School 2024 – On Campus, 16-18-year-olds 

This Summer School has been designed for students who are interested in studying architecture and looking for an introduction to The Bartlett School of Architecture. Students may visit architectural exhibitions, professional offices, local landmarks, and sites of interest before working on collaborative drawings or models, and on their own portfolio informed by their experiences throughout the course. They will be encouraged to engage with their urban surroundings in new and creative ways. 

The 5 day and 15 day formats offer both introductory and in-depth opportunities to engage with the study of architecture, helping with key preparations for entry into university. 

5 days

Collaborative design exercises taught in small groups, talks and visits, and access to workshops and facilities. 

You may choose among these three options for attendance:
1: 01–05 July   |   2: 08–12 July   |   3: 15–19 July 
Mon-Fri: 10.00 - 16:00

Fees: £750  

15 days

Developing an individual research topic with personal guidance and small group teaching sessions, talks and visits, and access to workshops and facilities.  

1 - 19 July  
Mon - Fri: 10.00 - 16:00 

Fees: £1,950 

Key information 

Who should apply?

The Summer Schools are open to all students who are passionate about architecture and design, with an interest in studying at The Bartlett. There are no required skills or subjects, we welcome anyone who is curious about participating in this creative experience. 

We can only accept students who are 14 years old (The Bartlett Summer School 2024 – On Campus, 14–16-year-olds) or 16 years old (The Bartlett Summer School 2024 – On Campus, 16-18-year-olds) at the start of the course, in accordance with DBS checks. 

Please note that participants travelling from abroad should check if they need to apply for a visa and are responsible for securing any visas that may be required. 

How I will be taught?

Students from different backgrounds will join together to explore their creativity through a shared learning experience, much like an architectural design studio or practice. Through this, students will learn valuable communication techniques to inspire the final creative outputs they produce at school, in the lead up to university. 

The Summer Schools are led by tutors who offer unique expertise, clear guidelines, and professional insight to support each student and their individual needs. Through group presentations, personalised support, and peer review, students will experience different ways of designing and learning about architecture.  

These Summer Schools are based on-campus at The Bartlett School of Architecture's Bloomsbury campus at 22 Gordon Street, making full use of the school’s resources and facilities.  

What will I gain?

Students will receive a Certificate of Participation if they attend a minimum of 75% of the course. The course will culminate in a mini-exhibition which will allow the students to celebrate their achievements together.

Students will also be guided in how to document and format the design work produced throughout the Summer School into a portfolio, which forms an important element of their university applications.  

What do I need?

Basic materials will be provided and shared amongst the students. Personal Material Bags with essential tools will be available to purchase when registering. Students must bring or purchase their own sustenance, and an Oyster Card with credit for local travel on public transport. 

Please note that the fee and registration onto this course does not include accommodation. All participants must arrange their own accommodation. Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted to stay in UCL residences.

How to apply

Applications for these Summer Schools open in February 2024. All course fees must be paid in full at the time of booking. 
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If you have any questions about these courses, please email bartlett.shortcourses@ucl.ac.uk