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Stage 2 - Professional Experience and Development Record Monitoring

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Following completion of Architecture MArch (ARB/RIBA Part 2), students must complete 12 months of work experience before they take their final ARB/RIBA Part 3 Examination. Our Stage 2 Professional Experience and Development Record (PEDR) monitoring course provides the work experience supervision and monitoring to meet that requirement. 

Course structure

The course consists of: 

  • Four to six early evening recall events, including networking, peer-to-peer support, talks and potential practice visits 
  • Supervision of four Professional Education and Development Records (PEDR) quarterly record sheets, documenting students’ work experience, signed-off by the Bartlett Professional Studies Advisor 
  • Stage 2 Year Out Symposium – Opportunity for registrants to provide a critical reflection of their experience of practice, building on their approach as a practitioner 
  • Bartlett events – invitations to lectures, exhibition openings and alumni events 
  • Access to a Professional Studies Advisor who can offer one-to-one advice and support during the year 

PEDR Quarterly Records 

As a post-Part 2 student you need to re-register with the RIBA to use the PEDR system. In order to complete the PEDR you must be registered with a School of Architecture.  

PEDRs record your work experience over a three month period and are completed in collaboration with your practice mentor/supervisor. They are submitted to the Professional Studies Advisor (PSA) for comment and signing. You can also complete your Year Out in an associated, approved field including planning, construction, development, landscape or placemaking. 


Candidates are entitled to have their quarterly PEDR sheets signed by The Bartlett’s Stage 2 Professional Studies Advisor. 

How to apply

Please complete the Stage 2 Registration Form and pay the fee.  

Please note this professional monitoring course does provide you with UCL student status. 

Apply now


The 2022-23 fee for The Bartlett's Stage 2 PEDR Monitoring is £300 and can be paid via the UCL online store.   


Year Out Professional Studies Advisor: Yip Siu

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