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FABRICATE was an International Peer Reviewed Conference, Publication and Exhibition hosted by the Bartlett School of Architecture on 15-16 of April 2011 in London. It brought together pioneers in design and making within architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, materials technology and computation. Discussion on key themes included: how digital fabrication technologies are enabling new creative and construction opportunities, the difficult gap that exists between digital modelling and its realisation, material performance and manipulation, off-site and on-site construction, interdisciplinary education, economic and sustainable contexts.

FABRICATE emerged as the first in a series of focused events from the highly successful 'Digital Architecture London' Conference and 'Digital Hinterlands' Exhibition in September 2009. Organised by The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, FABRICATE frames discussion around the presentation of built or partially built works by individuals/collaborators in research, practice and industry.

Conference Co-Chairs: Bob Sheil and Ruairi Glynn Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Conference Keynote Speakers: Mark Burry, Philip Beesley, Neri Oxman, Matthias Kohler

Conference Chairs: Hanif Kara, Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, Michael Stacey

Peer Reviewers: Phil Ayres, Philip Beesley, Mark Burry, Nick Callicott, Nat Chard, Evan Douglis, Dr. Nick Dunn, Stephen Gage, Sean Hanna, Hanif Kara, Matthias Kohler, Dr. Branko Kolarevic, Michael Stacey, Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, Mark West, Michael Weinstock,

Output: 'FABRICATE: Making Digital Architecture',  edited by Ruairi Glynn and Bob Sheil, Riverside Architectural Press, 2011, launched at the FABRICATE conference in April 2011


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