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6 December 2016



PerFORM is a cross-disciplinary collaboration with the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama concerning the design and representation of adaptive and experimental spaces for performance. The overarching themes of the research are: (1) design process and tooling as means to develop new forms of performance and scenography practice; (2) collaborative engagement between the disciplines of architectural design and scenography; and (3) design experimentation in hybrid technologies of representation and fabrication.

Initial tactical drawings and prototypes led to built installations, using CNC fabrication and 3D scanning for simultaneous data capture and space production. The project culminates in The Scan, a collaborative performance with ScanLAB Projects and Shunt, an award-winning artists' collective. Shunt created an original score for performance at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Protoarchitecture Lab worked with ScanLAB to develop novel and bespoke instruments in response to Shunt's proposals and used digital technologies of capture and modelling to blur the boundaries between representation and the represented in the subsequent performance. 


Bob Sheil
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Emmanuel Vercruysse
The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL