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Jinhee Yeo

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The use of plastic, which is so widespread and common today, is also controversial. Many types of this beneficial and practical material can be recycled. However, the percentage of plastic that is actually recycled is very low. Each year, 78 million tonnes of plastic are produced worldwide, and only 14% of it is collected for recycling. 

Though London has a high recycling rate, not many people are aware of where their plastic waste ends up or how it is treated. Through improper disposal and the lack of recycling, plastic waste becomes fragments – post-plastic – in the river. 

In order raise awareness of this issue and to seek to a find solution, my project aims to share the knowledge I have gained of the processes involved in recycling and make miscellaneous items –  Post-Plastic? – out of the plastic waste I have gathered on the foreshore of the Thames. The purpose is to ‘make visible’ issues with plastic pollution, ‘make accessible’ a convenient method of recycling, and ‘make useful’ the waste that has been produced already, to raise awareness on the issue and eventually to find a solution.