The Bartlett School of Architecture


The Possibility of a Common Ground

Ignacio Saavedra Valenzuela

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‘The Possibility of a Common Ground’ argues for new tools, methodologies, and positions to address interrelated global crises and confront neoliberal spaces of power. It interrogates global shifts in social relations, spatial distributions, public concerns, disciplinary expansions, nascent systems, and communities and territories in flux, in order to understand how, when, and why they change and can be reconfigured.

Ignacio draws our critical attention to a series of collectives whose emerging body of practice defines a new territory for action and socio-spatial transformation in our cities. This array of interdisciplinary groups, some professional and others amateur, act as new agents of change, reshaping and questioning previous generations. The project seeks to find a common language, mutual recognition, spaces for debate and contradiction, in order to share knowledge around these experiments.

The project unfolds in three stages. The first involves creating an unfixed archive of materials that becomes richer and more complex as the project progresses. The second develops methodological tools to collectively reflect on projects, concepts and public definitions operating in this new field. The third devises forms of interaction to engage with these materials and methodologies and propose new paths of enquiry. 


1. Un-Fixed Mapping Device. Ignacio Saavedra Valenzuela 2019.
2. Collective Wall Intervention. Ignacio Saavedra Valenzuela + Situated Practice MA Students, 2018.
3. Statement Reading –  Live Intervention. Ignacio Saavedra Valenzuela 2019.