The Bartlett School of Architecture

Dr Stylianos (Stelios) Giamarelos

Dr Stylianos (Stelios) Giamarelos

Lecturer in Architecture

The Bartlett School of Architecture

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
1st Apr 2013

Research summary

Stelios's research is informed by his multi-disciplinary background in architecture engineering, architectural history and theory, and history and philosophy of science and technology. Focusing on regional architectural practices in relation to globalisation, climate change and resilience, his research also addresses issues of equity, diversity and inclusivity. His monograph Resisting Postmodern Architecture develops novel lines of enquiry to transgress existing barriers and integrate underrepresented architects and sources in 5 other languages into anglophone scholarship. Stelios's historical work reappraises the overlooked ‘periphery’ as an active generator of theory and practice. It has been externally funded by the: European Social Fund, Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Hellenic Ministry of Environment, RIBA, British Council, Greek State Scholarships, Onassis, and Michelis Foundations.

2 of Stelios's sole-authored journal articles are among the all-time top-5 and top-7 articles published in Architectural Histories and Journal of Architectural Education, respectively; another was a finalist runner-up for the biannual EAHN Publication Award in 2018, selected by a jury of world-leading architectural historians. Owing to the national and international engagement of his research, Stelios was selected to represent Greece in DoCoMoMo International in 2018. Earlier, in 2010, he was awarded by the Presidency of the Hellenic Republic as 1 of 12 ‘Exceptional Young Scholars’, selected from leading figures among a national cross-disciplinary pool of candidates. In 2010-12, Stelios was co-investigator within a large collective multi-disciplinary group of researchers on ‘Mutating Characters and Policies of the City Centres of Athens and Piraeus’. Research findings informed public policy, notably the Hellenic Ministry of Environment’s strategic plan for Athens 2030. They also formed the basis of the Onassis Foundation’s European architectural competition ‘Rethink Athens’, for which Stelios was invited to serve as consultant.

Stelios has presented his work in numerous peer-reviewed conferences organised by established institutions such as the: European Architectural History Network (EAHN), Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain (SAHGB), and International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP). He is also regularly invited to: present his research at local and international academic institutions, and other public events; serve as peer reviewer for journals, such as Footprint and Architectural Research Quarterly, and books, such as The Routledge Handbook of Architecture, Urban Space and Politics; serve as member of the scientific committee of conferences such as ‘Architecture and Endurance’ (Middle East Technical University, EAHN Ankara); write review articles for books in his field of expertise; and mentor early-career researchers, sharing his experience as author/editor through initiatives such as the Research Skills Intercollegiate Network of PhD students in UK institutions (2019).

His research focuses on: postmodern and digital architectural cultures and imaginaries; cross-cultural modes of regional architectural production; oral histories of architectural education; resilience in architectural history; architectural discourse, photography, exhibitions and publications; philosophy, science, technology, storytelling and narrative (from comics and literature to videogames) in architectural histories, theories and practices.

Teaching summary

Stelios coordinates 3 modules in the BSc and MSci Architecture programmes, annually managing a team of 20 tutors and 300 students in total. He teaches in 9 Architectural History & Theory modules across the BSc Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies, BSc, MSci and Master's in Architecture programmes. The modules that he coordinates introduce innovations in pedagogy by promoting research-based education from the first year of undergraduate studies. They also pursue equalities and diversity objectives in curriculum reform, such as decolonising architectural historiography, whilst satisfying professional accreditation criteria. In 2022, Stelios won a UCL Faculty Education Award for adopting a programme-wide approach to revising online and offline assignments, enhancing assessment and feedback practices across 3 years of study in the BSc Architecture programme. In 2021, one of these modules was included in the Student Choice Awards Roll of Honour for Diverse & Inclusive Education. In 2019, two of his students shared the BSc Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies History & Theory prize.

Accredited by the HEA since 2013, Stelios's teaching benefits from his continuing professional development, as it is consistently informed by recent scholarship in teaching and learning. Owing to his national and international reputation in education delivery and advancement, Stelios is regularly invited to serve as: External Examiner (at the University of Johannesburg, 2018-2020); Judge for the Global Undergraduate Awards in Visual Arts and Architecture (2018 and 2022); and external critic to design and history & theory reviews within The Bartlett School of Architecture and other institutions, including the Architectural Association, ETH Zurich, University of East London, Oxford Brookes University, Cardiff University and Virginia Tech.


The Higher Education Academy
Other qualification, AFHEA Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy |
University College London
Other qualification, Certificate Teaching in Higher Education |
Advance HE
Other qualification, FHEA Fellow of the Higher Education Academy |
University College London
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy in Architectural History & Theory | 2017
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Other higher degree, Master of Arts (Hons) in History & Philosophy of Science and Technology | 2013
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
First Degree, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Philosophy & History of Science | 2012
National Technical University of Athens
Other higher degree, Master of Arts (Hons) in Architectrual History & Theory | 2009
National Technical University of Athens
Other Postgraduate qualification (including professional), Integrated MArch equivalent Diploma in Architecture Engineering | 2007


Stelios is an architect, historian and theorist of postmodern culture. He is the author of Resisting Postmodern Architecture: Critical Regionalism before Globalisation (London: UCL Press, 2022); co-editor of Resilience in Architectural History (Special Collection of Architectural Histories, 2019) and ATHENS by SOUND (Athens: futura, 2008); and co-author of 2 oral histories of architectural education in Greece (The Postmodern in Architecture (Athens: Nefeli, 2018) and Uncharted Currents (Athens: Melani, 2014)). Through his roles as executive editor of The Journal of Architecture (RIBA, 2020-22), general editor of Architectural Histories (EAHN, 2017-20), executive editor of P.E.A.R.: Paper for Emerging Architectural Research (Bartlett, 2019-21), editorial collaborator of the second series of The Bartlett Design Research Folios (Bartlett, 2019-20) and co-founding editor of LOBBY (Bartlett, 2013-16), he has also mentored early-career scholars and enabled scientific output on world-leading architectural research platforms and managed links with professional bodies such as the Royal Institute of British Architects. In 2008, he co-curated the National Participation of Greece in the 11th Biennale of Architecture in Venice. Among others, he has published in The Journal of Architecture, Journal of Architectural Education, Architectural Design, Architectural Histories, Footprint, OASE, FRAME, San Rocco, and Metalocus.