The Bartlett School of Architecture

Mr Paul Bavister

Mr Paul Bavister

Associate Professor

The Bartlett School of Architecture

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
1st Jun 2009

Research summary

My work sits at the intersection of professional practice and academic research, forming a reciprocally beneficial triumvirate of, teaching, research and practice. The work is multidisciplinary and is based in the casual relationships between sound, music architecture and acoustics. The research work builds on innovative practices using both traditional methodologies of acoustic research as well as biometric sensing, evolutionary computation and neural networks informing digital modelling processes.

My work in practice at Flanagan Lawrence draws on traditional approaches to spaces from music and sound as well as novel architectural typologies for the presentation of Music externally integrating lightweight construction methods with acoustic performance. Alongside the architectural, the work engages with novel performance typologies, working with musicians and artists creating new modalities of performance.

The work has been exhibited in the UK at the Tate Modern, the Science Museum, RIBA, the Barbican, and internationally in Ars Electronica, Austria, Finland and Japan.

Teaching summary

I have been part of the Bartlett community since I graduated in 1999. I have taught on a variety of courses since I started teaching in 2010 on the MArch Course leading Unit 14 with Jason Bruges for a year, and then with James O’Leary for an additional 3 years. During this time I made significant progress in developing strategies for integrating interactive performance typologies into a more architectural workstream that have proved popular and are part of my practice today. The work undertaken in Unit 14 has formed the basis for the new 15 Month Program Designing for Performance and interaction. 


I have also worked on the iEDE course on the MsC in Environmental Design, teaching integrated architectural acoustics for 3 years. During this time I organised collaborative lectures with other academics and external companies such as Charcoal Blue, ARUP Acoustics and Flanagan Lawrence. I organised an extensive lecture series, Designing for Sound, that linked UCL’s cognitive neuroscience department, musicians, record labels, luthiers, Goldsmith’s Sound Department, and ETH in Zurich. The students from the course have gone on to become acousticians globally, in ARUP in the UK and in leading companies in China. 


I am currently leading a research pathway PW03 on the 15 month Designing for Performance and Interaction program based in Here East. My work as part of the Interactive Architecture Lab and the Bartlett School of Architecture has been disseminated internationally and in the UK at lectures and seminars such as the World Architecture Festival where in 2017 I presented ideas on Performance and Architecture at both the WAF Festival and the INSIDE festival.


I am an architect, a researcher and an academic; I am a Project Director at Flanagan Lawrence, I am a Senior Lecturer (Architecture) at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, teaching on the new Designing for Performance and Interaction course and I am also in the final years of a PhD in Architectural Design at UCL, looking at design strategies using biometric evolution in sound and space. 

Having graduated as an architect from the Bartlett School of Architecture in 1999, I started working in restaurants and retail on projects such as Belgo Restaurants, and Habitat. When at Foster and Partners, I worked on both Peterborough and Corby City Academies. This has led to my current position at Flanagan Lawrence where I have led the design team on new facilities for the Royal Welsh Collage of Music and drama, Soundforms, new broadcast studios and ancillary spaces for Riverside Studios, the 8000 seat open air Rady Performance Shell in San Diego and I am currently working of the new music studios for the BBC in the Olympic Park.


In addition to my teaching work. I have given lectures on the relationships between Sound art and Architecture both in the UK and abroad.

Audialsense: Alongside Jason Flanagan & Ian Knowles, I have been researching the qualitative and physical properties of sound as Audialsense. Our work recreates, enhances and reveals acoustic phenomena, turning sound into physical site-specific installations dependant on the architectural qualities of a given space. The output of this has recently been published in a Bartlett Design Portfolio

We have had work installed in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern, the London Festival of Architecture, the Science Museum, RIBA and abroad.

I am a board member of Musicity, and the European Aquaponics Association.