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Yueying Li

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This project explores a musical interpretation of physical motion. The developed system translates movements in physical space into digital sound, then maps the generated sound back to the space in real time, creating an immersive acoustic experience. This simple but beautiful process reinforces the feelings of body movements in space as participants communicate with the space by listening and moving.

The space is observed by a single camera, which allows a natural walk-in interaction. By bringing this system into live dancing performance, it generates an unpredictable and artistic interaction and a unique performance.

The final design specifically focuses on the delicate collaboration between body and space: a dancer, holding containers filled with paint of different colours, enters a 3x3x3-metre space surrounded by canvas; the paint splashes out and falls onto the canvas inevitably as the result of dancer’s movements, making the dancer also the creator of the performing space. This relationship is articulated by sound, triggered by the movement and the colour.

The presented final work is a reciprocal feedback loop of action, sound and colour, each influencing the next.