The Bartlett School of Architecture


Director of School Welcomes New and Returning Students

9 October 2023

Professor Amy Catania Kulper, Director of The Bartlett School of Architecture, welcomes the school community to the 2023-4 academic year.

Amy Kulper

It is my pleasure to welcome new and returning students to The Bartlett School of Architecture at the beginning of the 2023-4 academic year. With over 900 students beginning undergraduate and postgraduate studies this term, the school continues to thrive as a complex, diverse and dynamic community.  

The Bartlett is a renowned, world-changing design school, which inspires creativity and innovation in architecture. Last year was a gamechanger for the school. This year, with a new shared governance structure in place and a strong culture of collaboration and respect, we look forward to growing as a community of students, researchers and practitioners.  

The culture of our school is defined by a sense of community and a commitment to praxis. What do we mean by these terms, and how do they exist at the school? We instil a sense of belonging in our community, recognising that unique life experiences and diverse identities enrich our culture and yield designers more attuned to the nuances and complexities of the world around them. The school is home to a spectrum of spatial practices, and it is these different approaches practiced in tandem and in collaboration, that make the foundation of the school’s radical pedagogy.  

During this academic year, you can expect the school to support and nurture you through your learning, stretch and challenge your outlook and approach, and present you with opportunities to collaborate within and beyond your programme and area of research. Stay tuned in to our communications channels, most importantly Moodle and your UCL emails, where all events, news and opportunities are shared.  

About the Director of School

Professor Amy Catania Kulper is the Director of The Bartlett School of Architecture. Amy began her tenure in September 2022, joining the school from Rhode Island School of Design, where she was Head of Architecture. She is an architectural educator, administrator and innovator, whose teaching and research focus on the intersections of history, theory, criticism and design.  

Contact Amy: ArchitecturePA.Bartlett@ucl.ac.uk