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Bartlett Tutors Win International Award for Innovative Interior Design

3 October 2023

Déborah López and Hadin Charbel, Associate Professors at The Bartlett, have been awarded a 2023 COAM award for their installation ‘Everything and Nowhere’.

Interior of award-winning immersive installation in Madrid

This year’s College of Architects in Madrid (COAM) awards fall into seven categories for architectural projects, with a ceremony on Friday 06 October. Déborah López and Hadin Charbel, who teach on the school’s Architecture MSci and Architectural Design MArch programmes and founded the practice Pareid Architecture, have won the Interior Design category with their project ‘Everything and Nowhere’.  

‘Everything and Nowhere’ was a temporary installation, built in February 2022 for the Urvanity Art Fair in Madrid. The installation acted as both the fair’s formal conference and presentation room as well as a social gathering space with a small bar. The project was inspired by the aesthetic of construction sites and the desire to create an immersive architectural experience from unexpected materials.  

In its scope and design, the project confronted the issue of wastefulness in temporary installations and the construction industry. The primary material used was corrugated tubing most often seen on construction sites, being submerged into the ground, or hidden into buildings. The project foregrounds and presents this hidden element of what is considered architecture and invites visitors to acknowledge its profound utility in connecting our lives in the modern world.  

The language of excess, fluidity, connectivity, and transmission are rendered in this space through the use of three materials: tubes, lights, metal. Lining the walls, ceiling and parts of the floor, visitors are immersed by the machine-like organs and red glow; all of which are familiar and at the same time alien.

Déborah López 

After the four-day installation was completed, the tubes were donated to a small construction company, where they have already resumed their traditional role as protection for electrical cables.  

Everything and Nowhere Project Team 

Lead Architects: Pareid Architecture: Deborah Lopez and Hadin Charbel 
Pareid Team: Francisco José Prada Azconegui, Ramón López Rubio and Manuel Reguera Lobato 
Engineer: Francisco José Prada López 
Installation: Viuda de Ramírez 
Photo Credits: Javier de Paz www.estudioballoon.es