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The Survey of London Launches New Volume on Oxford Street

16 April 2020

On 14 April, The Bartlett’s Survey of London published an authoritative study of Britain’s most famous shopping street.

Survey of London: Oxford Street (Volume 53)

In the Survey of London’s 126-year history, Oxford Street (Volume 53) is the first volume to focus on the development and architecture of a single street. The volume offers new insights into the growth of shops and shopping in the British capital, as well as a wealth of data, photographs, and drawings illuminating the buildings and activities that give Oxford Street its unique character. 

Oxford Street explores both sides of the street from Tottenham Court Road to Marble Arch. Twenty-two chapters cover discrete areas of Oxford Street between the cross-streets, focusing on existing buildings, and those which have been demolished.

The volume contains more than 350 illustrations, including drawings and maps by Helen Jones, the Survey’s architectural illustrator, as well as a variety of historic photographs. New photography was contributed by Chris Redgrave of Historic England, with support from the Portman Estate, and the volume also contains atmospheric photography of Oxford Street from 2016, by Lucy Millson-Watkins. Oxford Street was edited by Andrew Saint and designed by Catherine Bankhurst under the supervision of Emily Lees at the Paul Mellon Centre. 

  • The Survey of London: Oxford Street (Volume 53) is now available to purchase from Yale Books.

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The Survey of London
The Survey of London is a research group, based at The Bartlett School of Architecture, with a 126-year history of conducting surveys that record and explore the history of London's diverse districts. 

Lead image

The Survey of London: Oxford Street (Volume 53).

Other images
  1. The 100 Club in the basement of 100 Oxford Street, 2018 (© Historic England, Chris Redgrave)
  2. John Lewis, Oxford Street and Holles Street fronts in 2018 (© Historic England, Chris Redgrave)
  3. London College of Fashion, detail of the front in 2018 (©Historic England,  Chris Redgrave)
  4. Marks & Spencer, Pantheon Branch, front in 2018 (© Historic England,  Chris Redgrave)
  5. Tottenham Court Road Station, vestibule with mosaics by Eduardo Paolozzi in 2018 (© Historic England,  Chris Redgrave)
  6. 164–182 Oxford Street, former Waring & Gillow store, in 2019 (© Historic England, Chris Redgrave)
  7. Frascati's Restaurant, section, c.1905 (© Survey of London, Helen Jones)
  8. Shopfront of Marks & Co., Oxford Street, design by R. Norman Shaw, 1875 ( © Survey of London, Helen Jones)