The Bartlett School of Architecture


The Bartlett to Launch New Peer-Reviewed Publishing Platform for Design and Digital Production

27 September 2019

The school is to launch a new platform for innovative, future-focused architectural research in design, computation and theory.

Daniel Koehler, HyperNollie, CityMereo.

Founded by Chair of School Frederic Migayrou and edited by Lecturer in Architecture, Mollie Claypool, Prospectives will launch as a new, open-access, peer-reviewed online platform in 2020 and will be dedicated to the promotion of innovative historical, theoretical and design research around architectural computation, automation and fabrication technologies. 

Prospectives will bring the most exciting, cutting-edge exploration and research in this area onto a global stage. It also aims to generate cross-industry and cross-disciplinary dialogue, exchange and debate about the future of computational architectural design and theoretical research, linking academic research with practice and industry.

A call for editorial board applications is to follow in autumn 2019.

Looking ahead to the project’s launch, Mollie comments: 

The Bartlett supports a rich stream of theoretical and applied research in Design and Digital Production and I’m proud to be leading this initiative via an innovative, flexible and agile digital platform. Computation has changed the way we practice, and the theoretical constructs we use – as well as the way we publish.

Image: Daniel Koehler, HyperNollie, CityMereo.