The Bartlett School of Architecture


The Bartlett Kiosk Relaunches for 2019

3 October 2019

We are looking for exceptional student work from across the Faculty's undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to be exhibited in our street-level, micro exhibition space.

Phyllos, by Phyllis Yu, Architecture BSc Unit 3

What is The Bartlett Kiosk?

The Bartlett Kiosk is a platform for individual students or small groups to engage directly with the public, giving their critical ideas and concepts a public platform. Thousands of people walk past our kiosk each day, and we’re looking for intriguing projects to display.

Located at 22 Gordon Street on the ground floor next to the school's main entrance, the 2.5m2 space allows inquisitive passers-by, students, academics and most importantly members of the public, to view and engage with your work.

All work will be featured on the Bartlett Kiosk Instagram.

Interested in exhibiting?

We are looking for a variety of work from students – digital, analogue, modelled, drawn, text-based etc., and are especially interested in work which is interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature. Send your exhibition proposal to the school’s Director of Exhibitions, Chee-Kit Lai.

Printing and curatorial support will be provided.

Image: 'Phyllos', by Phyllis Yu, Architecture BSc Unit 3 student, 2018.