The Bartlett School of Architecture


Responding to Climate Change with Bio-Integrated Design

6 November 2019

Academics from the school’s Bio-Integrated Design programmes contribute to a timely symposium at London’s Design Museum

The London Design Museum

Design with the Living is a one-day symposium at the Design Museum, exploring how designing with bio-materials and living organisms can be a powerful agent for change in today’s ecological crisis. Discussions will explore the challenges to designing and collaborating with algae, mycelium and microbes and the difficulties of scaling up this work to suit the built environment.

In the first panel of the day The Bartlett’s Professor Marcos Cruz, Dr Brenda Parker and Nina Jotanovic will share their current research into bio-receptivity and bio-tools alongside fellow academic and researcher in the field, Professor Carole Collet.

Other speakers of the event include Helene Steiner (Co-Founder of Open Cell) Natsai Audrey Chiez (Founder and Director of Faber Futures) and Martyn Dade-Robertson (Professor, Newcastle University).

Design with the Living will take place from 10:00 – 17:30 on 08 November at the Design Museum

More information

Marcos Cruz is a Professor of Innovative Environments at The Bartlett, where he is also Programme Director of Bio-Integrated Design MArch & MSc.

Brenda Parker is Co-Director of Bio-Integrated Design MSc and a Lecturer at the Department of Biochemical Engineering, UCL

Nina Jotanovic is a Design Tutor for Bio-Integrated Design MArch & MSc and is currently completing her PhD research at UCL. 

Carole Collet is the Director of Sustainable Innovation at Central Saint Martins, UAL, where she is also Programme Director of the Design & Living Systems Lab

1. The London Design Museum
2. Biogenic Luminosity, by Nina Jotanovic. 
3. Structural Iridescence, by Gea Van De Kerkhof