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RIBA Regional Awards 2019

28 May 2019

An impressive range of Bartlett students, staff and alumni have won awards from the RIBA for projects spanning the country

Cork House by Oliver Wilton and Matthew Barnett Howland. Photography by Ricky Jones.

Matthew Barnett Howland and Oliver Wilton, Cork House
Bartlett alumnus Matthew and Bartlett lecturer Oliver, worked alongside Dido Milne on Cork House, which won both the RIBA South Award 2019 and RIBA South Sustainability Award 2019. The biogenic construction of prefabricated cork blocks and engineered timber is carbon negative at completion and has remarkably low whole life carbon. All the components can be reused or recycled, and the expanded cork blocks have been made using by-product and waste from cork forestry and the cork stopper industry.

RIBA London Award winners 

AY Architects, Eleanor Palmer Science Lab
The practice, led by Dr Yeoryia Manolopoulou, has won an award for their unique space in a Camden Primary School, designed to encourage childhood curiosity and wonderment in the science classroom.

Niall McLaughlin Architects, LAMDA
Founded by Bartlett Tutor, Niall McLaughlin, the practice has won an award for the development of a new site in West London for The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art, complete with a state-of-the-art theatre, studio theatre and workshop spaces.

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AHMM, Signal Townhouses, Television Centre and The Bower
The practice, founded by four Bartlett alumni, has won awards for three projects; the Signal Townhouses in Greenwich, which contribute to the transformation of the area into a new high-quality urban quarter; the Television Centre at the BBC, which is the first purpose-built television studio in the country; and the Bower in Old Street Yard, which reinvents a collection of buildings from the 1960s and 1980s into a mix of workspaces, restaurants and shops. 
Hawkins\Brown, Here East
With Bartlett alumnus Tom Noonan as project architect, this construction was seven years in the making and transformed the 120,000m2 innovation campus for a creative tech community. Our UCL at Here East facility overlooks the main internal boulevard, its own workshop space and the tech research lab.

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Other winners of London projects include, alumni Jonathan and Katherine Pile for Crossfield Street House, student Nick Hayhurst for Torriano Primary School STEM Lab and alumnus Jelena Cousins for Kenwood Lee House.

More RIBA Regional Award winners

A further group of regional winners include John Puttick for Preston Bus Station and Jerry Tate for Kintyre. PhD candidate Cindy Walters also won two awards for the Dorothy Garrod Building

Bartlett alumna Tamsin Green worked as an architect on two winning projects: Coal Drops Yard by Heatherwick Studio, which won a London Award, and Writ in Water by Studio Octopi, which won a South East Award. 

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Lead image

Cork House by Oliver Wilton and Matthew Barnett Howland. Photography ©Ricky Jones.

Carousel 1

1. Eleanor Palmer Science Lab, interior. Designed by AY Architects. Photography ©Nick Kane 2017
2. Eleanor Palmer Science Lab, exterior. Designed by AY Architects. Photography ©Nick Kane 2017
3. LAMDA, interior. Designed by Niall McLaughlin Architects. Photography ©Nick Kane 2017
4. BBC Television Centre, interior. Designed by AHMM. Photography ©Timothy Soar
5. UCL at Here East, exterior. Designed by Hawkins\Brown. Photography ©Richard Stonehouse
6. Crossfield Street House, exterior. Designed by Jonathan Pile Architects. Photography ©Gareth Gardner
7. Torriano Primary School STEM Lab, exterior. Designed by Hayhurst and Co. Photography ©Kilian O'Sullivan 
8. Kenwood Lee House, exterior. Designed by Cousins & Cousins. Photography ©Jack Hobhouse

Carousel 2

1. Cork House, exterior. Designed by Matthew Barnett Howland with Dido Milne and Oliver Wilton. Photography ©David Grandorge
2. Preston Bus Station, exterior. Designed by John Puttick Associates and Cassidy+Ashton. Photography ©Gareth Gardner
3. Kintyre, exterior. Designed by Tate Harmer. Photography ©Kilian O'Sullivan
4. The Dorothy Garrod Building, exterior. Designed by Walters & Cohen Architects. Photography ©Dennis Gilbert VIEW
5. Coal Drops Yard, exterior. Designed by Heatherwick Studio. Photography ©Hufton + Crow
6. Writ in Water, exterior. Designed by Mark Wallinger with Studio Octopi. Photography ©Andrew Butler