The Bartlett School of Architecture


The Bartlett and the London Festival of Architecture 2019

10 May 2019

A plethora of projects and ideas from the school’s students, staff and graduates will be featured in the month-long Festival of Architecture.

Momentto pavilion for Oxo Tower Wharf

Taking place throughout June, the London Festival of Architecture will feature a number of staff and student projects as well as The Bartlett Summer Show and interactive pavilion, ‘Playing the Picturesque’.

Pavilions ‘WeaValues’, ‘The Expandables’ and ‘UCLoud’ by first year Engineering & Architectural Design MEng students will be installed as part of Dulwich Picture Gallery’s The Colour Palace on 14 June. Originally built and exhibited at Here East as part Tribal Gathering, each pavilion reflects on how people gather, interact and exist as a community. 

Architecture MArch student Jennifer Ge will present pavilion Momentto at the Oxo Tower Wharf on 01 – 30 June. The design highlights three-dimensional spaces through two-dimensional illusions, encouraging visitors to question the volumes of everyday mundane objects. Situated in the busy courtyard of Oxo Tower Wharf, Momentto intends to disrupt the flow, encouraging interaction amongst people and allowing people to re-assess the boundaries of their journey.

Bartlett alumnus Jack Barnett and Architecture MArch student Theo Jones are presenting their research at the LFA symposium Thresholds or Barriers? Perspectives on Boundaries and Architecture, which takes place on 14 June at the Royal Academy. Speakers will explore connections between architecture and boundaries in the physical experience and understanding of cities.

Jack’s research Phygital Boundaries: The Future of Architectural Heritage uses ethnographic exploration to question the boundaries of heritage and examine historical and contemporary uses of ‘phygital’ hybrids (a combination of physical means and digital technologies).

Theo’s research On the Borders of Micro-Utopia and Micro-Nationalism explores the transformation of nation sovereignty and legitimacy from physical space, to virtual space, such as wiki articles, forums and digital discussion channels. 

Congratulations to everyone who is involved in representing The Bartlett at this year’s festival. We’re looking forward to seeing all of your hard work.

Lead image:
'Momento', by Jennifer Ge, Hans Wang, Mandy Hong, Yue Ying and Jiaxin Wu.

Carousel images:
1. 'Playing the Picturesque' by You+Pea (Luke Caspar Pearson and Sandra Youkhana
2. Phygital Map: Asmara and Scaled World of Warcraft (Classic). A compilation derived from sources: Google Maps and WoW Mesh Map. By Jack Barnett
3. On the borders of micro-utopia and micronationalism, by Theo Jones
4. The Expandables, by first-year Engineering & Architectural Design students at The Bartlett
5. UCLoud by first-year Engineering & Architectural Design students at The Bartlett
6. WeaValues by first-year Engineering & Architectural Design students at The Bartlett