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Staging Urban Landscapes

23 November 2018

Bartlett Teaching Fellow, Cannon Ivers has published a new book about flexible public spaces

Image credit: Staging Urban Landscapes by Cannon Ivers

This autumn Birkhäuser published Bartlett Teaching Fellow Cannon Ivers’ new book Staging Urban Landscapes: The Activation and Curation of Flexible Public Spaces. Cannon is a teaching fellow on the school’s newly launched Landscape Architecture programmes. 

The book explores the rise of flexible spaces and emerging trends of reconfigured space, through a mechanism Cannon refers to as ‘the power of the participant to re-structure a public place’. Throughout the book Cannon analyses 28 case studies through axonometric diagrams and photographs. Five discursive essays are also included from various researchers, with a foreword and conclusion by Charles Waldheim and James Corner respectively. 

Having begun his research with observation and photography, Cannon went on to investigate the agency of the landscape architect and his or her ability to create flexible private spaces.

This book captures a moment of time in the design discipline and through this research I have become increasingly interested in how the design of flexible spaces will evolve; will it be machinic, will the participant be able to reconfigure the space?

Cannon Ivers, Teaching Fellow, The Bartlett School of Architecture

Image: from Staging Urban Landscapes by Cannon Ivers

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