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Biotech dwelling shortlisted for World Festival of Interiors award

3 August 2018

Claudia Pasquero's first-of-its-kind microalgae project could be recognised with a global award.

A man presents a live science show

BIO.tech HUT, created as part of Bartlett Tutor Claudia Pasquero’s research, has been shortlisted for an INSIDE World Festival of Interiors Award. The project is a finalist in the displays category, one of the nine categories at the ceremony in Amsterdam this November.

Built in Astana, Kazakhstan, BIO.tech HUT is the world’s first permanent biotechnological dwelling, using microalgae that can photosynthesise and absorb polluting emissions. The building is composed of a lab, a living space and a garden, where super food and biomass are harvested. Claudia developed the project as part of the consortium photo.Synthetica, which she co-founded with Marco Poletto.

About the INSIDE Festival

INSIDE is the sister event to the World Architectural Festival and has the only global awards programme where designers present their interior projects live to a panel of internationally renowned judges.