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Bartlett co-hosts Conscious Cities festival

3 August 2018

Leading researchers will talk about behavioural science for the built environment at 22 Gordon Street this October.

Conscious Cities

This year The Bartlett is hosting the final day of the annual festival Conscious Cities, which gathers those interested in the creation of people-centred environments. Day four, entitled Sensing Space: Behavioural Science for the Built Environment, will take place on 25 October from 6pm until 9pm.

In collaboration with UCL’s Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience, a series of short talks and a panel debate will discuss how an architect no longer needs to rely solely on visual tools and intuition to imagine a person’s experience within a designed environment. Instead, the event will reveal how new tools from psychology and neuroscience are creating behavioural insights that can augment our ability to curate an experience.

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About Conscious Cities

Conscious Cities is a four-day festival across various partner venues, including the RIBA and Future Cities Catapult. The first conference took place in 2015, following Itai Palti and Professor Moshe Bar’s Manifesto for Conscious Cities. This new field of research uses data analysis, AI, technology and cognitive science to design environments that are aware and responsive.