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Equal by Design screened at The Building Centre

24 October 2017

A new film co-authored by Professor Peg Rawes, Director of MA Architectural History at The Bartlett, will be screened as part of 'Making Wellbeing' at The Building Centre

Equal by Design

‘Equal By Design’ will feature in The Building Centre’s timely exhibition, ‘Making Wellbeing: from birth to death’, until 26 January 2018.

The documentary, which was created in partnership with Dr Beth Lord of the University of Aberdeen, discusses the themes of equality, wellbeing and the UK housing crisis. The film shows how seventeenth-century Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza’s theories of human flourishing can be used to analyse housing and income inequalities today.

I am very pleased the film is being shown as part of the Building Centre's 'Making Wellbeing' exhibition. The film's themes are echoed throughout the exhibition, which shows how relevant ethical approaches to design are for tackling inequality in the housing crisis.

Professor Peg Rawes, co-author of 'Equal By Design' 

Video: Peg Rawes and Beth Lord, 'Equal By Design', in collaboration with Lone Star Productions (2016)
Image at the top of the page: 'Equal by Design', 00:07:41

About ‘Making Wellbeing’

‘Making Wellbeing’ is an exhibition and related programme concerned with how the built environment affects wellbeing at all stages of life. As wellbeing continues to grow as a driving force in policy-making, this exhibition seeks to open up a debate about the topic and offer insights into the meaning of this contested word 'wellbeing'.

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