The Bartlett School of Architecture


New Masters Programme for 2015: MRes Architecture and Digital Theory

27 March 2015

The School of Architecture is inviting enquiries into a new Masters by Research (MRes) programme specifically dedicated to the theory, history, and criticism of digital design and digital fabrication.


This intensive 12-month programme will be led by Professor Frédéric Migayrou and Professor Mario Carpo, and is set to launch in Autumn 2015. It will provide a grounding in research for students either trained in the design professions, or with a primary background in digital technology or the digital humanities, who wish to further their understanding of digital innovation. It is expected that in its inaugural years the programme will focus in particular on the challenge of complexity in computational design, and on its aesthetic, technological, economic and epistemological implications.

Research topics currently under consideration include:

  • Agent-based conception
  • The new sciences of simulation, optimisation and form-finding
  • The transdisciplinary scalability of computational models
  • Robotics and the engineering and modelisation of new materials and of variable property materials
  • The history of digital notations and the demise of notational processes in the current data-driven computational environment

Enquiries are invited via Tom Mole: t.mole@ucl.ac.uk

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Image: MArch GAD (now AD), Research Cluster 1, 2014 (Alisa Andrasek with Daghan Cam) Fibro.City. Students: Esteban Castro Chacon, Marcin Komar, Aikaterini Papadimitriou, Yilin Yao. Design research into robotically woven carbon-fibre structures.