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Bartlett School of Architecture launches Labs

8 June 2015

Bartlett Lab Networking Event

The Bartlett School of Architecture has launched a series of research Labs as part of its B-Pro programmes, MArch Architectural Design and MArch Urban Design. Directed by leading academics, the Labs form a new structure for specialist teaching and learning.

Four Labs were launched at a special event for academic and industry partners and students in May 2015:

•    Wonderlab, led by Alisa Andrasek
•    BiotA Lab, led by Dr Marcos Cruz and Richard Beckett
•    Interactive Architecture Lab, led by Ruairi Glynn
•    Urban Morphogenesis Lab, led by Claudia Pasquero

Each Lab follows a unique approach with regular inter-lab debate, creative exchange, and vibrant discussion. All are seen as a suite of distinct research entities that set new research agendas in their respective fields. Work from the Labs will feature in a forthcoming B-Pro publication series.

About B-Pro
Situated within one of the world’s most innovative and advanced schools of design research, B-Pro was established by the Bartlett Professor and Chair of School Frédéric Migayrou in 2011-12, as a new overarching structure for the MArch Architectural Design (AD) and MArch Urban Design (UD) post-professional programmes. ‘B’ stands for ‘Bartlett’; ‘Pro’ stands for ‘Prospective’, meaning ‘to look forward’. Operating in tandem with the School’s renowned professionally accredited programmes (BSc RIBA Part 1, MArch Architecture RIBA Part 2, and RIBA Part 3), B-Pro is the School’s incubator for new and emerging professional practice. It attracts a high calibre of staff and applicants from all over the world, and is developing new and potent links with partners in the Built Environment, engineering and science.

Image: Professor Bob Sheil opening the Lab launch.
Photo © StonehousePhotographic