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Exhibition: Unreliable Sighting Of...

7 July 2015

nat chard plugin exhibition

Bartlett BSc Architecture Year 1 Co-Director Professor Nat Chard is showcasing recent work with Perry Kulper at the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art in Winnipeg, Canada. The show, 'Unreliable Sighting Of…', is the first collaborative exhibition of their work in Canada.

On display are individual projects that have contributed to their shared fascinations with architecture that is contingent and indeterminate, challenging architectural tendencies to predict how spaces are used. Work ranges from drawing instruments, photography, manual drawings and digitally produced images that leverage uncertainty and latency through relational thinking and generative production.

Both architects use drawing as a process and means of discovery, but their working methods and outcomes are quite distinct. Chard constructs instruments that make drawings. The instruments produce complex splattered drawings that challenge the certainties of perspective constructions, opening questions about authorship while valuing the potential of unpredictable results. Kulper makes mostly hand-made drawings that search for a resonance between content and form. 

Their collaboration is grounded in generative speculations – in a game of what ifs and maybes, searching, like detectives at a crime scene for evidence, reconstructing the scene.

Exhibition Open
4 July – 30 August 2015
Plug In, ICA Gallery

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