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Bartlett Summer Show 2015 Prizewinners

17 July 2015

Bartlett Summer Show 2015 Prizewinners

This year's Bartlett Summer Show, held for the first time at 140 Hampstead Road, saw our BSc and MArch students present a range of inventive, creative and visual work, from models and drawings, to films, multimedia installations and computer fabrications.

For our students, the show is a celebration of their inspiring work and a chance to get spotted by potential employers. For our industry partners and the public, it's a chance to explore future trends and discover architecture’s rising stars. The show is also an opportunity for us to recognise the fantastic achievements of our students through a number of prizes, awarded by staff and industry partners. Here are just a few of this year’s award winners.

Summer Show Opener's Prize
Sponsored by Wilkinson Eyre Architects
Awarded by Carme Pinós to BSc Architecture Year 1


Victor Kite Prize for Design Technology
Sponsored by AHMM

Awarded to BSc Architecture UG3 Year 2 student Charles Redman for his 'Welcome Shelter' project (pictured below) located at the Kings Cross Skip Garden. 


RIBA Donaldson Medal
Awarded to Year 3 BSc Architecture UG7 student Douglas Miller for his 'San Francisco Columbrarium' project (pictured below).


iGuzzini Light First Prize
Awarded to Year 3 BSc Architecture UG4 student Egmontas Geras for this 'Windows to Willamsburg' project (pictured below).


Max Fordham Environmental Design Prize
Awarded to Year 5 MArch Architecture Unit 23 student Gary Edwards for his 'Code of Conflict: Bathing in Light' project (pictured below).


Sir Bannister Fletcher Medal
Awarded to Year 5 MArch Architecture Unit 12 student Ben Ferns for his 'Pontifical Academy of Sciences' project (pictured below).