The Bartlett School of Architecture


Opticon1826 releases special collection featuring Bartlett PhD Projects

30 October 2014

opticon1826 special edition

Opticon1826, UCL’s open access, peer-reviewed journal, has published a special issue dedicated to research on the built environment featuring papers presented at The Bartlett School of Architecture's 2013 PhD Research Projects Conference.

The special collection brings together architectural research articles with creative work and visual essays presented at the 2013 conference. Instead of defining a style or celebrating the architect as the genius builder, the work collected deals instead with processes of architecture before, during and after construction. Some authors in the volume created decay, others performed Antarctica’s archive buried social housing estates, complicated nation-state narratives, drew landscape-as-sound, staged an ants dance, or mapped the physicality of instrumental performances.

PhD Research Projects 2013 | A Special Issue of Opticon1826 can be accessed online.

Image: Polly Gould, Mount Erebus and Northern Islets, 2012. Hand-blown glass sphere, watercolour on sand-blasted glass. Dimensions 18 x 45 x 55cm