The Bartlett School of Architecture


Call for contributions: PRODUCTION SITES

26 November 2014


Contributions are invited for an edited book on the topic of ‘production sites’ with confirmed contributions from Professor Jonathan Hill (The Bartlett, UCL), Professor Jane Rendell (The Bartlett, UCL) and Gernot Böhme (TU Darmstadt).

PRODUCTION SITES is a conference that scrutinises new cultures of architectural knowledge by examining the sites where knowledge is produced as a discipline. Architecture has largely framed knowledge through the idea of building types, formal styles or sites for design action. Yet participatory design modes, digital technologies and event-based models present alternatives that probe the divisions between real and imaginary sites, experiential and ideatic encounters, aesthetics and technology.

What are the emerging alternative sites, where knowledge is generated or from which it is also drawn? How do these relate to traditional sites and well-established typologies such as the architect’s office, the university, the museum, the exhibition, or the library? How do new scenarios present an adaption or substitution of these frameworks? What are the modes of pro¬duction that are related to these sites, and the associated tools and methods? And, apart from architects themselves, are there other producers of knowledge relevant to the architectural discipline, such as users, curators, theoreticians, activists or ‘cross-benchers’ (Markus Miessen)?

Please submit a 1000 word proposal for a book chapter (7000 words), or a visual essay of project-based work (2500 words), or interview (2500 words). If accepted, you will be invited to present and discuss your work at two symposia/workshops: either at The Bartlett, UCL on 29-30 July 2015, or at The University of Sydney on 29-30 October 2015. Please indicate your preference for either or both events on the submission.

The deadline for proposals is 15 January 2015.

For any enquiries please contact the organisers, Sophia Psarra (s.psarra@ucl.ac.uk) and Sandra Löschke (sandra.löschke@sydney.edu.au).