The Bartlett School of Architecture


3D-Printed Fabrics by Richard Beckett

26 February 2014

rbeckett 1

Fashion brand Pringle of Scotland has collaborated with Bartlett School of Architecture MArch Unit 20 tutor Richard Beckett, to incorporate laser-sintered nylon fabric into garments for its Autumn Winter 2014 collection, shown during London Fashion Week.

Using selective laser sintering (SLS), the 3D-printed fabrics are seamlessly integrated into jacket cuffs and surface designs for sleeveless tops and sweaters.

To produce textiles that could move like traditional cloths, Beckett chose specific machinery that could create the tiny nylon parts needed to keep the material flexible.

"I used an EOS Formiga P100 SLS system due to its ability to build at high definition, one of the few systems that would allow you to build such complex movable parts at this size," Beckett tells Dezeen.

3D printing has been inspiring artists, architects and engineers for the past few years, and has previously appeared in Haute Couture collections by designers such as Iris Van Herpen, but Pringle claims this is the first time the technology is being used for ready-to-wear.