The Bartlett School of Architecture


Robots take over Tate Britain at night

15 August 2014

after dark

Bartlett MArch Unit 14 graduate and current doctorate student David di Duca, in collaboration with design studio The Workers, has created a unique interactive project allowing the public to explore Tate Britain at night via remote controlled robots.

After Dark invites people all over the world to view Tate Britain’s galleries online at night through four camera-equipped robots roaming the gallery spaces, connecting audiences with art in the Tate's BP Walk Through British Art.

Live online for five consecutive nights from 13 August, the project will allow the public to view the robots on their journey through the artworks and a number of visitors will be able to remotely control their  movements.

A first-person, real-time video feed and live commentary will be streamed to all visitors on the project's After Dark website.

The project is the result of the £70,000 IK Prize; a competition to encourage innovative digital uses of the museum.

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After Dark: roaming robot taking in Sir Jacob Epstein’s The Visitation, 1926 © Alexey Moskvin