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Bartlett graduates win two global architecture awards

10 October 2013

Adrienne Lau GAGA

Congratulations to graduates Adrienne Lau and Arthur Kay, who are runners up in the 2013 Global Architecture Graduate Awards (GAGAs) winning £1000 in the postgraduate and undergraduate categories respectively.

Set up by The Architectural Review magazine, the awards celebrate excellence and innovation in design, to create an international platform to disseminate and discuss emerging trends in architectural thinking.

Pictured above, Adrienne’s MArch Unit 11 project, (Dis)assembly of Suburbia, explores whether the fabric of a failed suburban model could be repurposed to create a future that is more sustainable. The result is Bounty Reach Homes: a high-density development in Port Charlotte constructed with materials taken from nearby foreclosed homes.

Judge Mel Dodd found the project: "Refreshingly pseudo-practical yet resoundingly political, the icing on the cake is the recycling of foreclosed McMansions into a satisfyingly counter culture version of their former selves."

Arthur's BSc Unit 0 scheme, Crossing Generations, (pictured above) is concerned with the looming pension crisis. Set on the site of demolished Pimlico School in central London, he looks to cultivate what political science calls 'inter-generational equity'. Judge Farshid Moussavi says the scheme is "a creative programmatic solution to an increasingly polarising political problem between young and old."

  • Adrienne’s work along with fellow Bartlett graduates Farah Aliza Badaruddin (Unit 11) and Lulu Le Li (Unit 22) is currently on show in the Futures in the Making exhibition at the Architecture Foundation until 13 November.