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A sculpture that crawls with a mind of its own

21 November 2013

William Bondin rc3

A moving piece of architecture by William Bondin, a recent graduate from the Bartlett's Graduate Architectural Design (GAD) programme, is featured in Wired Magazine.   

Bondin's tetrahedron structure, Morphs (Mobile Reconfigurable Polyhedra), has been created to respond to both you and its surroundings. It examines how we can create playful, responsive architecture that does more than just sit in a fixed position.

The crawling, geometric structures is inspired by the slime mold physarum polycephalum, an organism whose cognitive processes is based on its surrounding environment as opposed to being contained in a centralised brain like humans. See it in action below.

Morph: Adaptive Spaceframe from William Bondin on Vimeo.

  • Read the full article in Wired
  • William Bondin is a graduate from Research Cluster 3 led by Ruairi Glynn, part of the MArch GAD, a B-Pro post-professional programme at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

Image: Prototype of William Bondin's mobile tetrahedron