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ScanLAB create Bartlett Summer Show Digital Exhibition App

11 July 2013

ScanLab Bartlett Summer Show App

ScanLAB Projects have created a new app for iPad documenting the 2012 Bartlett Summer Show. The app allows you to explore the show, enjoying the work long after the exhibition has closed. 

The exhibition can be navigated through an interactive Unit map or by design Unit name. User controlled orbits allow you to view each design Unit space from all angles. Detail views take you closer into the work, allowing you to pan across the models, installations and drawings. You can also search the app by student or tutor name.

BARTLETT SUMMER SHOW 2012: App Trailer from ScanLAB on Vimeo.

Each year the exhibition is documented using the Bartlett's 3D scanning technology, capturing a cloud of over a billion precisely measured points which are assembled into a virtual model. Each design Unit’s exhibition space is individually scanned in full colour with millimeter accuracy. The scanner collects such a density of points that individual drawings are captured in photo realistic quality; every pencil mark and precisely drawn line is preserved and can be examined in minute detail.

ScanLAB Projects is run by former Bartlett School of Architecture students Matthew Shaw and William Trossell.