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Bartlett Professor of Architecture curates La Tendenza at Centre Pompidou

23 October 2012

La Tendenza at Centre Pompidou

Bartlett Professor of Architecture Frédéric Migayrou has curated the latest major architectural show at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, dedicated to the Italian architectural movement, La Tendenza, led by Aldo Rossi.

Exhibiting this summer, ‘La Tendenza: Italian Architecture 1965-1985,’ brought together a collection of 250 drawings, historical models, photographs, paintings, films, and a wide variety of documentary material from the Pompidou’s architecture collection.

It was the result of a 10-year-long research project by Migayrou (also Deputy Director at the Centre Pompidou) and his team.

The restrospective traces the beginnings of an architectural movement that questioned the abstraction of modern architecture, advocating a return to historical forms, which would be known as postmodernism.

The exhibition is accompanied by a 160-page catalogue, 'La Tendenza: Italian Architecture 1965-1985', edited by Frédéric Migayrou.